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Course Overview

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Class 1 - The Basics


“I play the c major scale on every piece of equipment I have. My guitars, piano, the little keyboard we used for class. I’m going to record Mary had a little lamb on the piano. She hears me playing anytime I sit in front of it.(maybe for the worst-I’m still figuring out songs) as soon as she’s sitting up I’m going to put the little keyboard in front of her and let her hammer away…we’re getting close.
She absolutely loves her kick and play keyboard. But, that's merely a prelude to step one.”
“Many times we rob the “student” (in this case, the children) of the opportunity to learn. I can’t wait to use your approach with, not just music, but with most learning opportunities! Thanks for the tune-up!

“… loved taking the course. It's definitely opened up our eyes to new ways of engaging with our kids and introducing them to music. Our littlest is now one and loves the piano. I can tell you that on several occasions, the only thing that soothed her has been a piano when she's been inconsolable. I literally have a piano app on my phone in case of emergencies. We are determined to get her classes when she's old enough…”

Bronwyn (Piano teacher):
“I really loved the class. If you ever do a more advanced theory class I’d be so in for it. I learned a lot from you and am grateful. For me- I loved using your ear as well as learning to read. The two approaches offer such a more comprehensive approach. I also have a student who struggles with dyslexia and this approach is helping her so much. So I’m really grateful. I used the whole interval thing in a lesson today. The whole singing 121, 131, 141, etc. it was great!”

Course Description

This course is designed to give information and instruction to parents that I firmly believe will enable them to help their babies ' and young children's brain develop quicker and stronger. It’s not hard, you don’t need any particular skills.

It involves music, but no musical ability or experience is necessary for the parents or anyone in the family. The only skill necessary is the ability to count to 8. I’m trusting that’s ok.

Young babies’ memory, math and reasoning abilities, language and vocabulary skills all begin to develop very early in life - before birth and for the first few years. I firmly believe this program can promote all those skills to a higher level more quickly and effectively.

Further benefits for the child include a higher level of self-confidence, along with a generally happier disposition.

It will help them with music, but it will also help them enormously with other life skills.


Unlimited views of all 8 instructional videos, documents, and illustrations.
Enjoy easy-to-apply games and ideas to help your children get smarter.
These video classes also teach you some basic principles of music, very easy stuff,
which you will be able to pass on to your young children a little bit at a time.

Half-hour-long group zoom classes are held several times a month for questions, discussion, and illustration of exercises, etc.
Maximum of 10 people (or couples) per class, attend when it suits you.
$20 per family (you and your spouse, or one or the other) for each class.
Contact Neville LGreen at [email protected] for zoom lesson times.


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Get started now!