Become a certified innovator for your business or organization

Certified Professional Innovator

This CPI Certification will show that you have the broad range of knowledge to be able to understand the science of innovation, to function as a knowledgeable professional in the practice of innovation, and to be able to support efforts of more senior professionals in completing projects with a focus on innovation content.

Management of Innovation Certification

The CMI Certification will show your knowledge about management principles as they relate to the science of innovation, and your ability to manage any specific innovative effort. This certification will prove that you are best able to promote and complete innovation projects if you start with a broad range of knowledge about the field, its tools, methodologies, and main challenges.

Design Thinking Certification

The Design Thinking Certification is designed to verify your knowledge in Design Thinking. Design thinking, sometimes called human centered design, is best when the methods chosen represent the often unique combination that works best for the individual, team, organization, business, and, above all, the customer, who is the ultimate judge and user of any design thinking output.


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